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Manaus Free Trade Zone Tax Incentives Guide
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Amazonas State Tax Incentives Policy

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Manaus Industrial Pole

Basic Production Process (PPB)

Information for Economic Feasibility Project and Competitivenes Study

Taxes and Contributions
Competitiveness Study Worksheet
Update Worksheet
List of Incentivized Industries and Products
Mercosul Common Nomenclature (NCM)

Registered economists and economic consulting firms

To prepare your economic feasibility project, it is necessary to hire a consultant or economic consulting firm. Below we provide the listings of professional consultants and consulting companies registered in the State of Amazonas.

Physical Person

Legal Person

SUDAM Tax Incentives
The Amazon Development Superintendence (SUDAM) is a federal autharchy under the Ministry of Regional Development. With the goal of promoting the development of the Amazonian region, SUDAM offers tax incentives which benefit the investments operating in the Legal Amazon region by reducing the tax burden. The companies may apply to receive the benefits for projects of implementation, expansion, modernization and diversification. To learn more about getting the incentives,  Tap Here.

Trade Balance
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Gross National Product


  • 2020's Trimestral

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  • 2018's Regional

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  • 2018's Municipal

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