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The State of Amazonas has large deposits of tin, columbite-tantalite, potassium, bauxite, kaolin, iron, oil and gas, gold, copper, diamond, tungsten and manganese. The Presidente Figueiredo mine accounts for Brazil’s 43% of tin and 7% of niobium total productions.


Campo de Azulão, located in the municipalities of Silves and Itapiranga, is being prepared for expoitation, making Amazonas be the first Brazilian state to liquefy natural gas on land. This is a great business opportunity since it allows for the replacement of diesel by natural gas throughout the country, generating lower costs for consumers and decreasing environmental pollution. The State Government wants to replicate this model of exploitation in other locations across its territory. And it also wants to expand the exploration of the Solimões Basin, the largest natural gas-producing basin in Brazil with proven reserves that can produce 35.3 billion cubic meters of gas. In other words, Amazonas concentrates more than half of all Brazil’s potential on land or 51% of the country's onshore reserves.

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