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Tourism, Culture and Creative Economy

The greatness of our state goes far beyond territorial extension and natural wealth. Amazonas is also rich in history, art, entertainment and innovation. There are countless investment opportunities in the area of Tourism, Culture and Creative Economy.


Amazonas brings together incomparable tourist attractions, starting with the Amazon Forest, which has 97% of its original coverage conserved in our territory.

We are the largest state in the country, we have the largest hydrographic basin in the world, we are home to traditional and unique indigenous populations. We also have a lot of history and a lot of culture, a lot of entertainment and a different gastronomy.


Sustainable tourism is a reality in Amazonas, and has already attracted thousands of visitors from the rest of Brazil and the world, but the State Government wants to make this sector grow much more. There are already studies and actions for the promotion of the Amazonas brand and its destinations. 


Amazonastur carries out, for example, FamTour - travel for professional audiences - and Fampress - travel for the press. 

The government is studying ways to expand the offer of national and international flights, especially to Europe. About 35% of our tourists are foreigners. 

Event tourism is also among the priorities as we have one of the largest convention centers in the northern region: the Amazonas Vasco Vasques. 


In Amazonas, culture and art are expressed in all their forms: dance, theater, music, circus, plastic arts. There are countless spaces for cinema, exhibitions, libraries, cultural centers, galleries, museums, theaters as well as parks and squares.

The Secretary of State for Culture and Creative Economy manages 50 cultural facilities and maintains 10 artistic bodies that star in great shows, such as the Amazonas Opera Festival, Amazonas Jazz Festival, Encontro das Águas series and the annual Christmas Concert.

Teatro Amazonas, a historical and cultural landmark of our capital, was the only theater in Brazil recently listed by the renowned Vogue magazine as one of the 15 most beautiful opera houses in the world. Inaugurated in 1896 and declared a National Historic Landmark in 1996, the imposing theater keeps alive the history of the rubber cycle, the golden age of Manaus.

The state government also invests in promoting cultural events that already attract national and international audiences. The Amazonas Opera Festival is the largest event of its kind in Latin America and will go to its 24th edition in June 2021. The Amazonas Jazz Festival takes place in March and brings together concerts ranging from Brazilian instrumental music to contemporary jazz. The Parintins Folk Festival always takes place on the last weekend of June and is a true spectacle of colors, music, dance, customs and rituals, based on the mythical rivalry between two oxes: Caprichoso (blue) and Garantido (red).

The Secretary of State for Culture and Creative Economy also believes in the transforming power of art. For this reason, in addition to holding large events and supporting cultural activities in the countryside, it maintains projects such as Mania de Ler, aimed at children. A Volante Library, structured in a Kombi vehicle, circulates with 600 works of children's and youth literature and has served more than 70 thousand people since its creation.

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